The Hellenic Professional Yacht Owners Association (HPYOA), widely known as EPEST, is a non-profitable institution. Its Members are Greek owners of more than 4.000 professional yachts (manned or Bare-Boat), governed by the Greek law 2743/99.

EPEST was established in 1974 with aim to study and plan the nautical tourism, the promotion of economic and professional interests of its members, the development of a spirit of cooperation, assistance and brotherhood between them as well as of every other activity which would lead to the improvement of terms and conditions for the employment of their yachts, and to the freedom and safety of navigation.

Within the framework of the Terms of Reference, the Association attends all the relevant with its object, developments in the Ministry of Merchant Marine, the Ministry of Tourism, in the National Tourism Organization, the Ministry of Economy, the competent Authorities in the European Union, in other Administrative State Services, in the Chamber of Shipping, as well as in International Organizations. The Association intervenes whenever and wherever appropriate for the planning of right policy.

EPEST is responsible for signing the annual Collective Agreement with the professional Union of the crew members, which are employed for manning the yachts of its members.

EPEST’S efforts include such activities as updating its legal framework for the limitation of illegal charters by foreign flag non license yachts, improvement of Marinas’ infrastructure, increase of berths in the marinas, cleanliness of marinas, safety against any danger as well as establishment of any measure for the improvements of the operations of marinas and of the services rendered by the public or private sector.



Stelliatos Antonios


Kiriacoulis Stavros

Vice President A'

Stephanakis Emmanuel

Vice President B'

Kanaris Thrasyvoulos

Vice President C'

Mavrogiannis Vassilios-Elias

Secretary General

Lemos Panagiotis-Nikolaos

Specialized Secretary

Papadopoulos Apostolos


Vernicos Georgios

Member-Honorary President

Venetopoulos Diogenis